Collection: Memorial Photo Slate

Our memorial stones offer a meaningful and personalized way to remember and honor your loved ones. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these memorial stones serve as a lasting tribute, commemorating the lives of those dear to us. With customizable, names, and dates, these durable stones made from natural slate stone  can be placed in gardens, cemeteries, or special locations, creating a serene and beautiful memorial. Our memorial stones provide solace and comfort during times of grief, serving as a cherished reminder of the everlasting bond and legacy left behind. Choose our customizable memorial slates to create a lasting tribute that beautifully honors your loved one's memory.
We use 100% natural rock slates. Edges of the stones are hand fractured for a better natural look. The printing is permanent and doesn't need maintenance. . The printing is life-like colorful, glossy, and vivid.

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